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Our Equipment
Our equipment is state of the art with the latest technology. Our cameras have a sleek and modern look and can blend into any venue from high-end luxury weddings, to the smallest  gatherings. They are not bulky, nor will they negatively distract in view to create an eyesore for your guests. We offer interactive kiosk open air photo booths so there is no need to scrunch your friends and family into a small or tiny enclosure. Our photo booths and camera equipment are very easy to set up and break down and will not take up a lot of your venue space. It only requires 1 outlet for us to operate our entire system.

photo booth models

Our photo booths use DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) to capture their images and they just don't do very well indoors without a flash. Our photo booths do not have that problem. Our equipment is built with the same sensor technology as the Sony A7 series, which basically means that it ca​n pick up clear images in low ambient light with or without a flash. This feature along with many others built into our camera's software technology and it's ability to upload your images instantly to social media, so your online fan club or clients can experience your special event as well, make our photo booths the leader of the pack!

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